Thursday, November 29, 2007

getting damn pissed off now. all only know how to give somewhat cannot be believed stuff.

went for job interview at bossini's main office at redhill. went all e way there, interview took about 10 mins. and the guy who interviewed us said he will call us by next wednesday. ok thats good, at least i noe that by then i will noe whether i will be recruited as part of the team or not.

i heard that natasha called levi's this tuesday and got her interview just today. how lucky could any1 that be. i kept calling levi's until they finally picked up. Ann, the person IC, told me that "We will call you when you are shortlisted." i told her,"Er, my friend called this tuesday and she got her interview today." this made her LL a while, but she rebutted by sayin the same line again. i felt so stupid. obviously i wont get called! i called last friday but still nv receive any call,same goes to zainul. why cannot just say? keep saying will call will call. when la? duno how to say? must think izit? this reminds me of Kelly Services, one coy in The Aldephi and NTUC. all 3 said will call me once i have a vacancy. Kelly Services said they would call me by the end of that wk, but i didn't! i called back earlier tis wk to ask why i havnt received any call, the person refused to let me speak to the person who interviewed me, and kept "assuring" me that i will get a job, wtf. lidat i oso know how to say, u think we stupid one meh. NTUC and that other coy oso didn say when will call me lor, expect me to wait like a silly at home until they call. i hack care le, tmw will just go to Levi's main building n say i wan interview.

let's hope everything goes out well.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

online dating

my blog is G, where everybody can see. i tried some other webs like... shant say la. got one is NC17. one very vulgar web. go figure out which is it then.

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went for guitar camp ytd. and i can say it is a fun trip back to the sch!

ytd when i go was 抱病上场. i was having diarrhoea but still went anyway. first ting i did was to help the juniors take the shuttlecock down but failed. den i went 2 bbal court, saw hwee min, lee qin and fenella filling the water bombs. den hwee min complained said why i wore jeans. den i say, "我有带裤子la!" den i go changed.

after changin went 2 music rm meet my juniors all. all slackin instead of practising. den went 2 bbal court play water bomb. but is play captain's ball, whichever team scored first will win. me and grace sat at side as spectators. when the juniors kena bombed with water it's my job heh heh. senior mah! advantage.

den ltr is anyhw throw time. den we throwed at mr lee! he so sway. had a captain's ball match again btw 2 teams. my team won! 10-2. so sad. the opponent team had to sit at the centre of the court and we pour water at them, fun arh.

it was wash-up time. helped the juniors fill the big big container used for holding drinks. had to refill duno how many times. i guess 100? or more? den azu came! very long nv see her. i guess it has a yr already. wow so fast. azu said the sch changed a lot. yeah agree here. painted until i dun like. luckily, im graduating soon. then we went for a talk lor. btw grace, me and her. said bout the instructor mr yeo very akjrshmer lkqjnovdjlh s. haha. she said she told us about her sch life. and she said she was old! no la she isnt at all. became much more elegant. heh. she said she miss nothing about mr yeo, expected la. such a sacarstic person of him. oops. den went touring the sch with azu. she said the walkway btw the general office, staff rm and staff lounge is an arts gallery. but nth much one la.

we joined in the BBQ soon. helped pick out big chunks of charcoal. ooh so fun, hands were black. went to wash and finally clean clean hands. eating time! seniors were waiting for juniors to serve. haha. and mark and kenneth came soon after. chatted chatted chatted. so fun arh. took a few photos. and it was time to leave! before leaving, we gv a cake to ms ang, who is leaving the sch soon. and poured water at her! but i nv la. i gv her an assurance that i will get A for my chinese. but i hope i can get the target lor. den i 陪 her go back gate den she left. den me, grace and mark oso left. and home sweet home! wonder wad fun the juniors had last night.

hope to go out today! so sian at home!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

i helped out for my uncle at his stall today, and i finally knew wad picky means -

[all translated into english]

- can i have extra ketchup? (when she has chilli already)
- er sorry arh, can i add an extra egg?
- (after serving one customer, another one at the same table says) i want this this this.
- can u cook 5 mins ltr? i need to go buy other things.
- sambal sotong rice not so spicy. (piang oi! sambal is spicy not so spicy how to cook?)
- i want scramble egg, nt sunny side-up.

and my salary for this temp job was pathetically little, and i really say, pathetic. a pity my uncle's business was not so well, and my aunt couldn come today, so had to help. i wont say how much i got, it is really so omg.

i had to stay at the coffeeshop wait for my other uncle and granduncle to go ban huo at other places, and finally im back home. was supposed to go for interview today, but i didn go, cos raining and had to help out. hoping for NTUC to call me now.

i didn know i have the rights, just that i have no chance to use it.

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

as i browse thru the pics in my laptop of 3C 2006 and 4C 2007, really brings me a lot of memories sia. although still got more, those in my laptop are a lot already.

last yr took a lot of pics and vids, oso made diff cliques of friends. once i made a new clique, old ones are forgotten. when friends got stead, den leave the singles out :(. here i am a victm. sobs.. i rmb we had many outings. dose go 2 other polys or some projects, and only i did the presentation lor! everytin claimed credit, idiot. all nv do anything.

i saw got sm pics of goin science centre, then i rmb takin a pic at the top. den still got go jurong pt's pizza hut for dinner, take many sadist vids i can say? heh heh.

tis yr, mostly in e beginnin of the yr, got poly open hse visits to SP and NYP. den got donation drive, rmb one of my classmates kena ticked by one very kaypo outsider, still can rmb his face. no presentations or wad so ever tis yr, cos O lvl mah. had the SYF earlier tis yr, was sadly disappointed. got a Silver, tats our fate, hope can get GOLD next time!

i filled up an application form for NTUC just nw, and my chance of gettin hired is high! cos i live near the branch. and i said i can do the 排货 job. hahaha.. dose HR companies are not effective! waited so many days, more den a wk, still haven get their calls. i called one ytd, and they said stil must wait -.-'''. wait until when? still need to wait for a lot of calls, hope NTUC will call me soon!

tues going sch for guitar camp! and gona enjoy, since i am the top wa ha ha.. and at night got BBQ. gona play until siao. thurs goin SP for student card making, hopin everything goes well!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

wel, quitted my job at sakae, very unhappy with it, and im free again! but so sian la! no job ! no money! have to live with the money my mother gives me everyday for food.

i want to work! so many of my friends are workin lor. in clothing boutiques. so hopin to go for jobhunting today!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


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i watched Doraemon The Movie ytd. very nice! 2 touching scenes. both were when nobita left his Pi Si-Zu. tears all of a sudden built up in my eyes but i didn cry it out. plus with the sadding music adding to d atmosphere, it was a bit diff to control myself. shld watch. i will gv it 9/10.

went play arcade with cousin den ltr aunt and 2 cousins came 2 my hse. den dey played audi and a bit of O2. dey left at 9. den called grace to help her register for e poly course. quite easy but step 4 duno why cannot complete. hai..

today start work! at 11am marina! but now, having diarrhoea, duno y. shldn have eaten the korean food ytd. hope can subside before i go out!

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

i finally bot my black pants and shoes. for next tues' work.

in d afternoon i was damn shocked sm tings happened. my 姨婆 left the coffeeshop earlier to go home. den my aunt, cousin and i was talkin, sudd, bomb, piang, ah! was heard. i immd turned my head arnd and saw my 姨婆's car the door was knocked and it was a van's fault. everybody started to run out kpo. alot of tings happened la. had she left ltr tis wouldn have happened.

aunt sent 姨婆 home den us to bedok. shopped arnd, found what i wanted. then i saw Mr. Bean, smells nice. quickly bot the pancakes and ice-cream and ate. but, i saw edo sushi just beside it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh! wasted my chance. nvm, got chance to eat as much next week.

den go home, can rest!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

yeah! i got a job le. at sakae sushi. expected. went for 4 interviews, tis is the considered most successful one.

went to the building to report for briefing. aunt drove me there. good right. i went 2 see wich outlet i have been posted to. MARINA SQUARE! omg. i was like wanting to faint. u said near my hse den gv me until marina! wa lao. really unbelievable. during the briefing May, the VP of the HR said a lot on the contract. den when she collectin i asked her if i can change outlet cos too far. she said, "Quite near what!" serangoon and marina are near? did i hear anything wrong? ok nvm. went for injection next. then i ask the person outside if can change my outlet, she flatly said no, without listenin 2 my explanation why i wanted 2 change.

reached home, asked my mum to help me dye my hair. Hoyu Ash Fox. got a free KBox ticket haha. after dyin washed off, couldn see any colour at all. but gradually could see more. but now, i cant take photo cos not obvious, maybe tmw will.

i really cant stand my father lor! u r father, so? i work where ur problem? marina square i can take 70 direct, so it is not a problem wad. why must u care whether i had signed the contract or not? it's very selfish of u lor. will die meh? tis shows that im hardworking, wans to work no matter where it is. i already said cannot work at a outlet near my hse wad can i do? call up change? cannot right? i hope u will respect my decison. and i will nv say no to work.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

well, im very vexed now. the decision is made. will take a break from now, will try to forget what has happened. but i will not give up!

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

can i say time passes damn fast! now Os is over, wantin to dye hair, and den look for a job to earn money buy all the tings i need.

let's rewind time. (reminds me of 80's Rewind)

first stepped into zhonghua in 1998. den so fast ar, every yr just passed like this, everyday play. primary 4 is my best yr, cos made a lot of friends and quite fun smhw. pri 6 arrived, SARS period, studies affected. siao liao. i thought i couldn pull thru PSLE, but i did!

got posted into yuying in 2004. first day of sch, were the innocent innocent faces that i saw. so funny. had laughter & many many stuffs. camping, outings, movies, arcades were the many tings we had. sec 2, lim kok meng, always made fun of him. but a pity he didn noe. had sec 2 prelim exams, got streamed into 3C, with all e subs combi i chose. so happy. sec 3, miss loo's class. studies were ok, but i couldn manage in many subs. sec 4 beginnin of the yr,2006's sec 4E and 5NA students came back sch take O results. witnessed the tears of joys my seniors had, and now, i had already taken it! now just waiting for results. i didn noe that 2007 will come to an end in less den 2mths?

let's hope time moves slower!!!

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


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Monday, November 05, 2007

SS was.................................... horrendous. the hot topics the teachers picked, only 2 appeared. SBQ was on conflict, SEQ Q2 population, Q3 sustaining SG's devpt in the 21st century (Economic), Q3 The Rise and The Fall of Venice. i didn expect venice to be tested, but many ppl said since venice would be out of syllabus next yr, tis yr dey might include it.who noes, this was true.

i did SEQ first, as i will take up more time in SBQ. did population as i had the most confidence. SBQ quite diff sia. i duno how to do 1(b). so had to tikam la.

tmw sci paper 1! last paper! will be dying hair and watchin movies!

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

so fast right? it is november already, and 2007 will pass soon.

tis is my first post of nov. and just 3 more days, O lvl will be over! well, at least for us 4C 4D 4E a-maths pupils. i cant wait to leave sec sch and have a new life in poly. and wont need to wear uni! with just 2 hrs 30 mins of writin time, i tink i shld cherish tis amount of time left in sch.

life is like a 蒲公英, as u wont noe where u will usually end up as. if it is rain, u will be washed away. if not, u will be blown like a carefree person. it really depends on ur mood. i shall cherish every sec left. and don't worry, i wont become emo :)

3 days left!

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